Elegant tailor-made shirts according to your style

Why a tailored shirt?

There are a few points that speak in favor of a tailor-made shirt:


Egyptian cotton (see island);


poplin, voile, fil à fil, twill, oxford;


cotton, linen, wool and their blends;


Getzner, Mileta, Albini, Thomas Mason, etc.

We recommend that you always buy a quality shirt. It's worth it, you'll see that as soon as you wear and wash your made-to-measure shirt for the first time!Don't buy non-iron shirts! Because the individual fibers of these shirts are chemically treated and smoothed, they are less resilient, tear more easily, and are stiffer.

You can feel the difference between good and very good fabrics much better when touching the different qualities. We recommend poplin, batiste or voile for business shirts, fil à fil or herringbone for a blazer or sports jacket, oxford or twill for corduroys or jeans.
High-quality shirt fabrics not only impress with their silky soft feel and elegant sheen, but also with minimal shrinkage and a long service life. They get softer with every wash and feel better and better over time.

High-quality made-to-measure suits

The consistency of the shape and the excellent fit are guaranteed by the high-quality processing of the tailor-made suits by our tailors. With the sartorial processing, the front of our jackets is elaborately supported with a canvas plack, which consists of four layers. Read More

Custom-made Shirts are set apart from ordinary suits by the unique particulars that are personalized to each wearer.

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Our passion is ignited by delighted customers!

"I finally have perfectly fitting shirts. I'm thrilled with the various fabric qualities and wear my tailored shirts with joy!"

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